We couldn’t be more impressed with how we are helped and treated by Marshall (provider) and his staff. He is so patient with my dad (who has some other health conditions) and we always leave there feeling heard and important. Marshall has helped my dad get the most out of his hearing aids and explains the technology in a way that my dad can understand. We are thankful for their help and we would highly recommend this office for your hearing needs.
Kelsey Quick, on Google
SoundPoint is a great place for hearing aids. Everyone is very pleasant to talk to and so very helpful if you have any questions. Marshall Eisner is very thorough in the work he does.
Florence O'Donnell, on Google
I have severe tinnitus FROM LISTENING TO LOUD MUSIC FOR YEARS. I have worn hearing aids for years which amplified the noise around me making the tinnitus become a background noise at times. One day I took off my face mask, it caught on a hearing aid wire which broke. I was lost in the depths of loud tinnitus misery again. I came to SoundPoint, I was setup with masking hearing aids which do the trick of relieving the stress of T for the most part. The staff is great and understanding. The aids are a little spendy, but, worth it. TURN DOWN THE LOUD NOISE IN YOUR LIFE, YOU DO NOT WANT TINNITUS. BELIEVE ME.
Tom Koop, on Google
Great service of my existing aids. Details of my hearing test well explained. Friendly atmosphere. 10 years at the same location with no reason to go elsewhere.
Greg Schultz, on Google
Great place and great hearing aids. Wonderful to work with.
Joe Morin, on Google

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